Things To Know Before You Learn Kickboxing


Kickboxing is a sport that is all about increasing one’s confidence, strength, and coordination. But in recent times, fitness freaks consider it as one of the best cardio workouts. There are also classes conducted by experts who add some elements of dance to it. Thus, if one is so interested in learning kickboxing, they must first analyze what kind of training they are looking for before choosing one.

The Kickboxing style in itself differs from country to country. While the South East Asian countries consider this style to be similar to Lethwei, PradalSerey or Muay Thai that has a lot of elbow and knee movements, in the US, kickboxing doesn’t allow strikes other than from the hands and the feet.
But whatever the variation be, Kickboxing helps in strengthening the body. It is basically a martial art and thus, by default keeps the sportsperson stay fit. As mentioned above, it helps in strengthening the heart and strengthens the body as well as increase the flexibility. As it is a martial art form, it is better to learn it from an instructor rather than DIY techniques.


Benefits of Kickboxing
Like any other sport or martial art, kickboxing provides a lot of benefits to the person who learns it. The benefits are explained below. Just like any other sport, kickboxing is also started with a warm up session. Warm up sessions help in preparing the mind and the body for the training. An instructor will be the best person to help in getting the learner stay motivated as this sport is a combination intense body movements and precision, with concentration.


  • The first thing one would notice about kickboxing is that it improves the balance and builds the core. The person’s shoulders and arms are strengthened whereas the thighs are toned. Overall, the muscles get stronger by learning kickboxing including a free trial but the overall flexibility is also improved.
  • The fitness level of a person increases when he learns kickboxing. Practicing kickboxing is also good for the heart as the workouts get the heart muscles working and pumping.
  • As mentioned above, kickboxing improves the fitness level. It also helps in burning the calories at a faster rate. As it involves both upper body and lower body movement, calories are burnt faster than in any other activity.


But one must be aware of the fact that people who are newbies to kickboxing might get injured in the joint or muscle. Body parts that are at high risk are the shoulder, hip, ankle, and knee. So, be cautious to learn the moves from an experienced teacher.


Before You Learn Kickboxing
If you are interested in learning kickboxing, then you need to do the following things to learn it perfectly.


1. Have your Own Goals
Setting one’s own goals is the most important and first step when it comes to learning new things. This is very important when it comes to learning any fitness regime. Are you going to learn kickboxing for maintaining a good health or are you planning to get into the world of fighting or are you going to learn it as a hobby? Ask yourself these questions and select the kickboxing style based on your choice.


2. Finding the Right Place for Learning Kickboxing
Not all classes conducted are the same. Research on the different places that teach kickboxing and chat with the teachers there. Observe the place and read reviews about the place. Find out about their lesson plans and the qualifications of the teacher. Most of the teachers are former professionals who are well experienced in their areas of expertise.


3. Learn about your Health
Before starting to learn a new sport, it is important to consult a doctor to make sure that your health will cooperate in the learning process. People who suffer from conditions like asthma must make sure to get an opinion from the doctor as kickboxing is an intense form of sport that requires the body to cooperate to the intense training sessions.


4. Be Fully Equipped
Ask the instructor if you will be required to purchase any kind of gear. There are some essentials like the gloves, head gear and ankle supports that need to be purchased as part of safety measure.


5. Consume Proper Diet
Stay hydrated before going for a kickboxing class. Also, make sure to fuel yourself with an adequate amount of carbohydrate as it helps to maintain the energy level during the whole workout session.


6. Stay Focused
Almost all the martial arts require a peaceful and focused mind. Focus and presence of mind are important to master martial arts. Try to spend some time in Meditation to help improving focus.


Learning a new skill is always fun. Kickboxing is a skill that helps you to stay fit, be focused and at the same time, have loads of fun. If it is the right sport for you, don’t hesitate to learn this art.